Heavy Gear

This was a very short-lived multi-arc storyline using Dream Pod 9s Heavy Gear System. I have always had a love for mecha that harkens back to Macross (i.e. Robotech), Gundam, and Armored Trooper Votoms. So, when the Heavy Gear system appeared I loved the look and layout of the book - even though each nation on Terra Nova was really pocketted and generic. It felt a bit too much like The Belgariad where you had the nation of knights, spies, and so on. But the idea of straping on military mecha and win over a lawless area (the Badlands) was too much to turn down.

Unfortuately for me, my first campaign ended in such a disaster that the group split apart after the final game. Still, I have never been one to learn from my mistakes until left with no other choice - so I resurrected the game with a new direction - which promptly burned down and then fell into the swamp. So, this time I have learned and hopefully will let rabid dogs lie.

I did learn one thing, while I like much of the background and the company does really nice layouts and support (except for the crappy original miniatures); I did not like the RPG system. It was fast and easy (if a bit wonky) for the skirmish combat system, but it had serious flaws as an RPG system. The dice system less than enjoyable and the difference between a +1 (sttribute) and +1 die (skill) made any skill beyond 3 levels foolish to purchase.

I really wish I could make this work, but it is simply not to be for now.

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